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our candy dream story

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Candy is the former owner of the popular “Candy for Hair” Salon  in Hollywood, California who exceeds greatness beyond the chair by showing her love, dedication, and appreciation to the hair industry. Candy is one of the most in-demand hair stylist in the country with a self-taught efficient technique, custom imaging,and signature styling  along with geometric cuts. Her glamour team consists of custom tailored fashion stylist, wardrobe stylist, makeup artist, and personal assistants in addition to Candy's Magic formula to make everyone feel like a true star.

Candy, who is an native of Dayton,  Ohio is living out her dreams, while giving glamorous hairstyles throughout the industry. Candy recieved  her first major celebrity client when R&B singer, Montell Jordan hired her as a personal hairstylist for his national tour in the late 90’s. Over the years, Candy has painted the hair industry for many celebrities, such as Chris Brown, Nene Leaks, Bridgette Kelly, Angelique Defaucett, Brook Valentine, Lisa Raye, PTAF, Jaheim, Jared Leto , to name a few. Her styles have graced album covers, magazines, red carpets, award ceremonies, television talk shows, movies, and last but not least countless music videos . Candy has managed to use her creative hands and genius mind while being able to conquer the trials and tribulations of being  a single mother and domestic violence survivor while raising three amazing children on her own. Candy is a phenomenal woman with a calling of healing and nurturing people all while making everyone feel like kings and queens of Hollywood, with her nurturing spirit. Candy’s most current endeavor is her Dream Candy hairline that you have seen on VH1’s popular hit show Love and Hip Hop. You may have seen hairtsyles on many cast members such as Brooke Valentine, Paris Phillips, Zell Swag, Lyrica, and Bridget Kelly. Dream Candy hairline strives to give our customers eternal excellence ,by not only producing these wigs but also offers the added services of wig maintenance along with your purchases. By purchasing your next look from Dream Candy hairline you can achieve the feeling of a superstar, all while recieving the best services from the amazing hairstylist Candy Farmer !

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